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Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy for Vaginal Atrophy Treatment

Atrophic vaginitis, or vaginal atrophy, is a tender and often painful inflammation that can occur for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, it happens when a woman reaches menopause and has less estrogen in her body. If this happens to you, it can lead to your tissues thinning and shrinking and losing flexibility. This causes all sorts of difficulties such as urinary problems, painful intercourse, or general discomfort. There are a number of potential treatments that you can discuss with an OB-GYN doctor in Woodlands, but laser therapy is one of the most popular procedures for people who wish to avoid surgery.


Instead of using surgical or pharmacological methods, the MonaLisa Touch guides a painless laser along the vaginal walls to trigger tissue regeneration. You should get a GYN checkup in Woodlands before undergoing this or any procedure and then follow through with the whole treatment plan, obeying all of your doctor’s instructions. You can experience tissue regeneration and alleviation of some symptoms from the first treatment, but most people undergo several treatments over the course of a couple months to allow the area to fully heal. During this time, your doctor will generally regulate the amount of work you are allowed to do. You may experience some minor, temporary side effects, but in general, the treatment cycle should not seriously impact your quality of life.


During your gynecological examination in Woodlands, your doctor can explain all the benefits of this procedure. The main effects are nourishing and hydrating the tissue. It can also lead to the vaginal area thickening and toning again and regaining some elasticity, and it can help regulate your vaginal pH. If your pH is off, it compromises some of the protective barrier your body has built up for itself, and it can lead to infections and other complications. When you reestablish a correct pH, you’re not only fighting off vaginal atrophy, but also preventing a number of other problems that may have otherwise made your life that much more difficult.