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Are There Any Risks Involved with Mona Lisa Touch Treatment?

Atrophic vaginitis, or vaginal atrophy, is an oftentimes serious condition during which your tissue thins and shrinks, causing discomfort and often pain. If you or a loved one is suffering from vaginal atrophy, you may be looking for a female gynecologist in the Woodlands with some experience treating this condition. One treatment method you may have heard of is the Mona Lisa Touch treatment, and if so, you might want to know more about the potential risks involved. If so, we have a few basic facts for you.

What Does It Do?

This relatively non-invasive treatment uses lasers to rejuvenate and rehydrate tissue. This, in turn, strengthens and tightens the area so that you can live your life unimpeded by discomfort. Just like when you’re treating other conditions, such as pelvic support problems in the Woodlands, this procedure generally takes a few sessions, spaced a few weeks apart to give your body time to adjust.

If you’ve ever had any gynecological exams, even pap smears in the Woodlands, your doctors have probably discussed the importance of vaginal health and how it ties into the rest of your body. That’s why it’s important to treat all troubles as quickly as possible, in order to stop them from spiraling into greater problems.

What Are the Potential Side Effects?

Some people do experience a few mild side effects, especially right after the treatment. You may experience some minor discomfort or even redness, itching, or swelling. However, none of these should be very intense, and those who experience them generally find that they go away after a day or two. Your female gynecologist in the Woodlands can go over your exact treatment schedule with you. She can also give you clear guidelines on physical restrictions around the time of the procedure, such as how much you should be resting. The closer you stick to professional guidelines, the less likely you are to develop any unpleasant side effects.