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Annual Check Up

Gynecology Check Up Livingston TX | New Beginnings OB GYN

Gynecology Check Up – Livingston TX and Surrounding Areas

A gynecology check up in Livingston TX and surrounding areas should be preformed annually by your OB GYN. New Beginnings  OB-GYN Dr. Rania Ibrahim provides annual preventive screenings for breast and gynecological disorders. During the gynecology check up, your OB-GYN will discuss your current health and lifestyle activities and perform a physical examination of your pelvis and breasts.

At New Beginnings, we offer annual well-woman exams to empower our patients and help them feel that they are in control of their own health care.

Why are these examinations important? 

Well-woman exams are an integral part of a woman’s preventive care plan. They are the first step in wellness and the early detection of disease, which may help extend your lifespan and improve your quality of life. In fact, an annual well-woman exam is one of the most vital steps that women of all ages can take to protect their health.

How often should women have a well-woman exam?

Beginning at age 21, well-woman exams should be performed by your Montgomery County Ob-Gyn on an annual basis. We recommend that a woman’s initial visit is scheduled in her mid-to-late teens.

What will be discussed during this examination?

Among other things, during your well-woman exam, the doctor will discuss the following topics with you:

  • Quality and quantity of exercise;
  • Your nutrition program;
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • Sexual activity;
  • Menstrual cycles.

What is included in a well-woman examination? 

Your OB-GYN Montgomery County will conduct a breast exam and a pelvic exam. Depending on the patient’s age, a bone density scan or mammogram may also be performed. Also, depending on age, a test for human Papilloma virus (HPV) and/or a Pap smear may also be required.

Who will be in the room when the examination is performed? 

Your Ob-GYN or primary care physician will perform the exam accompanied by his or her nurse or medical assistant.

Will I experience any pain during my well-women examination? 

Although a small percentage of women will experience some mild discomfort during the examination of the pelvic area, it typically is not painful.

What happens during the breast examination? 

Your OB-GYN Montgomery County will check for changes in the shape of your breasts, texture of the skin on your breasts and any nipple discharge and lumps.

What happens during the gynecological exam?

A speculum, which is a medical tool used for investigating body cavities, is placed in the vagina to evaluate the upper vagina and cervix and to perform a Pap smear. The labia and vagina are also checked for proper estrogen effects, lesions or discharge.

Depending on the patient’s age and sexual activity, cultures may also be taken to screen for sexually transmitted diseases. An examination is also conducted to examine the uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities.

For women in all stages of their lives, New Beginnings provides health and wellness care including pregnancy, new mothers, and women who are hoping to become pregnant.

If you’re interested in more information regarding well-women exams or annual checkups and are in need of a reputable and personable OB-GYN Montgomery TX residents rely on the professional and caring staff at New Beginnings OB-GYN under the direction of Dr. Rania Ibrahim your female OB-GYN at her office in Conroe TX.

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New Beginnings OB-GYN proudly serves the residents of Montgomery County, Conroe, Willis, The Woodlands, Spring Texas.

Note: Hospital deliveries and procedures are conveniently offered at Conroe Regional Medical Center, CHI-St Luke’s-The Woodlands, and Memorial Herman Medical Center-The Woodlands.


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You can work together from the initial consultation to the implementation of your own personal birth plan, and follow-up. Dr. Rania Ibrahim has enormous experience in high risk obstetrics. She is a skilled surgeon and has an excellent and caring team.

Dr. Rania Ibrahim is sympathetic to the needs of women. She is an expert in infertility, menstrual disorders; abnormal pap smears and offers services in the latest keyhole surgery technology.

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New Beginnings OB-GYN proudly serves the residents of Montgomery County, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, and Magnolia, Texas.

Note: Hospital deliveries and procedures are conveniently offered at Conroe Regional Medical Center, CHI-St Luke’s-The Woodlands, and Memorial Hermann Medical Center-The Woodlands