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Benefits of Choosing a Female Gynecologist

Many women who need to schedule a gynecological check-up in The Woodlands are choosing a female gynecologist to meet with. Why is this becoming such a common trend? It’s because working with a female gynecologist offers patients many benefits over meeting with a male doctor. Here are just a few of those benefits.


Many women simply feel more comfortable discussing their reproductive health and needs with another woman. They will be more open with a female doctor, and are more likely to share symptoms and concerns, as well as ask questions. This level of comfort is important, because it allows the doctor to provide a higher level of care.

So much of healthcare relies on the patient communicating openly with their healthcare provider. When a woman is more comfortable with her gynecologist, she can receive better care for her needs.


Simply put, a female doctor is better equipped to understand the needs of her female patients than male doctors are. A female gynecologist is more likely to have experienced the symptoms and discomforts that her patients describe, and can thus offer them empathy in addition to her textbook training. This can also aid in creating that ever-important open dialogue between doctor and patient.

Other Benefits

Depending on your unique needs and expectations from your gynecologist, working with a female doctor can offer you other benefits. Here are a few interesting facts that studies have noted:

  • Female gynecologists are more likely to refer their patients to a specialist, which can enable you to get expert care if needed.
  • Female doctors are usually more supportive of a patient’s abortion needs than their male counterparts.
  • Female gynecologists are less likely to prescribe medication to treat an issue than male gynecologists, which can offer other benefits as well.

While every woman’s situation is different, more and more are finding that they prefer working with a female gynecologist in The Woodlands because of the many benefits they experience.