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Is Intra-Vaginal Laser Treatment Safe?

Vaginal atrophy is a common OB/GYN problem in the Woodlands that many women seek relief from. This is caused when the vaginal wall becomes dry and thin from menopause, which causes painful intercourse, vaginal itching and burning, and even urinary incontinence. Fortunately, laser treatments have been developed specifically to address vaginal atrophy. If you’re thinking… read more »

Mona Lisa Touch Laser Therapy for Vaginal Atrophy Treatment

Atrophic vaginitis, or vaginal atrophy, is a tender and often painful inflammation that can occur for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, it happens when a woman reaches menopause and has less estrogen in her body. If this happens to you, it can lead to your tissues thinning and shrinking and losing flexibility. This causes… read more »

How to Prepare Your Teen for Their First Ob-Gyn Visit

The first visit to an ob-gyn be a little nerve-wracking for your teen. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to her about what to expect before the appointment. She may need to know why these visits are necessary, but most importantly, she’ll want to know what is going to happen at the doctor’s… read more »

Causes of Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Women’s cycles can vary widely on the length, intensity, and symptoms associated with their menstrual period. While some women only have bleeding for 3 days, others can experience bleeding for over a week. Differences are normal, but if you are experiencing prolonged, heavy bleeding, you’re likely wondering what the cause may be and if there… read more »

MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy for Gynecological Disorders

Menopause and other health problems can cause multiple physical symptoms that range from uncomfortable to extremely painful. Fortunately, a gynecological check-up can provide the perfect opportunity for you to consult with a gynecologist about the possibility of the MonaLisa Touch laser therapy that can help ease your symptoms. Here are the most common gyn disorders in… read more »

The Advantages of Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatment

Our bodies are constantly changing in many ways. For a lot of women, aging means a decline in estrogen, which can have a number of different effects. One of these is vaginal atrophy, an uncomfortable and sometimes even painful condition from which you will want to find some relief. Modern medicine is developing treatments to… read more »

The Benefits of MonaLisa Touch Therapy

As a woman ages, her body changes in very significant ways which may cause dryness, pain, and discomfort. For those who have experienced menopause either naturally, surgically, or chemically, these issues may be significant enough to cause decreased sexual desire and a fear of intimacy. Advances in women’s health have been significant over the last… read more »

What is the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

Are you among the millions of women who experience vaginal atrophy symptoms due to menopause, cancer treatment, or a recent oophorectomy procedure? Thanks to the MonaLisa Touch procedure, relief is possible. Dr. Rania Ibrahim, a female gynecologist in The Woodlands, TX, offers this fast and painless fractional CO2 laser treatment to treat vaginal discomfort in women…. read more »

Common Gynecological Issues Every Woman Should Know About

Human beings are complex organisms, and the body is an intricate system of organs and functions. But women and men have significant differences in their biological makeups, and have different needs when it comes to health concerns. Because women’s bodies are made to birth children, they have complex reproductive systems that require special medical attention… read more »

5 Causes of Painful Periods

Most women undergo some degree of discomfort or pain during their periods. Mild cramps, lower back pain, and migraines are usually part of the menu. However, if you suffer from painful periods in The Woodlands, when the pain has started affecting your routine and hinders you from performing your duties, then it may be time… read more »

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