Knowing When to Have Your Teen Visit the Gynecologist

For some parents it can be difficult to talk to their teenage daughter about personal subjects, like painful or heavy periods or pelvic pain.

For some parents it can be difficult to talk to their teenage daughter about personal subjects, like painful or heavy periods or pelvic pain. However, it’s important to know if your daughter is experiencing any of these or other issues to know if she needs to visit a gynecologist for teens in Conroe. If you’re not sure whether or not your teen needs to see a gynecologist, here are a few things to talk with your teen about to know whether or not it’s time to schedule an appointment.


Pelvic pain in Conroe, even if it just seems like typical menstrual cramps may be a cause for concern, especially if the pain is severe enough that your daughter has difficulty functioning in school, work, extracurricular activities, or at home. Many girls don’t get cramps for a couple years after beginning their period since actual ovulation will begin later, so be sure to evaluate if the pain is simply from the newness of cramps or if they are severe enough to warrant professional evaluation.


When girls enter puberty, some discharge is normal and should be either clear, light yellow, or white in color. Be sure to communicate this with your teen so that she can watch for any changes in the discharge or unusual smells accompanying the discharge as this may indicate infection. This will also give you the opportunity to address proper hygiene as well.


If your daughter is having recurring yeast infections indicated by heavy, smelly, or burning discharge you should have her evaluated to determine what the underlying cause of recurring infections is. It may simply be a hygiene problem that requires more education to help prevent future infections.


When girls begin their period, it’s normal for a girl to bleed 5-7 days, sometimes more. However, if your daughter is regularly bleeding 10 days or more a month, or has gone weeks or even months with continuous bleeding, she definitely needs to be seen by a gynecologist. This is important not only to determine the cause of the heavy bleeding, but also to prevent anemia in your daughter.

Knowing When to Have Your Teen Visit the Gynecologist


Irregular periods are common for the first 2-4 years after a girl starts her period. However, once menses has become regular overall, if it suddenly becomes irregular she should be seen. This includes either skipping months of her period or having it more often than usual. Any change in an established pattern should be evaluated.


A sexually active teen should definitely visit the gynecologist to ensure proper birth control methods are in place. Many gynecologists recommend the use of implants in sexually active teens because they are more reliable than other methods than can be forgotten or overlooked. A sexually active teen should also be evaluated for sexually transmitted diseases as well.


Finally, it’s important for your teen to visit the gynecologist simply to get advice and education about many topics like hygiene, abstinence, risky behavior avoidance, and prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Many teens are more comfortable talking with a professional about these topics than they are their parents, so it’s good to have your teen come in for such a visit.

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