MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy for Gynecological Disorders

Menopause and other health problems can cause multiple physical symptoms that range from uncomfortable to extremely painful.

Menopause and other health problems can cause multiple physical symptoms that range from uncomfortable to extremely painful. Fortunately, a gynecological check-up can provide the perfect opportunity for you to consult with a gynecologist about the possibility of the MonaLisa Touch laser therapy that can help ease your symptoms. Here are the most common gyn disorders in The Woodlands addressed by this treatment.

Treated Symptoms

Women in menopause as well as those who’ve had a hysterectomy or suffered from breast cancer commonly suffer vaginal atrophy, itching, burning, and dryness. They may also have pain while urinating and during intercourse. In the past, these symptoms have been addressed using hormone treatments, but MonaLisa Touch treatment is able to achieve the same results without the unfavorable side effects that hormone therapy often causes.

How Symptoms Are Treated

Most of the uncomfortable symptoms mentioned are a result of dryness caused by reduced collagen resulting from low estrogen. Laser treatments help stimulate collagen growth in the vaginal tissues and improve elastin and vascularization. The procedure basically heals and rejuvenates the vaginal tissue to restore it to the condition it was in before menopause or other health conditions caused vaginal atrophy. The procedure is done using a probe that emits gentle energy pulses to the vaginal walls. The side-firing probe targets both the surface and deep tissue to promote mucosal revitalization.

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch

The main benefit of this procedure is that the symptoms women experience during intercourse are greatly reduced and often eliminated. There are usually no side effects and patients don’t have to worry about the possible effects of hormone therapy. In addition, the procedure can be done by the gynecologist in the office with no anesthesia. One treatment only takes about 5 minutes, but the results are long lasting. Only 3 treatments are needed over an 18-week period, with another follow-up appointment one year later. There is no recovery period, but it’s recommended that women refrain from intercourse and strenuous activity for 2 or 3 days following a treatment.


Most women see favorable results after only one treatment and feel even better after all 3 treatments are complete. Patients see an improved quality of life physically and mentally when gynecologic symptoms improve significantly.