Prenatal Testing

When you become pregnant, you may begin to wonder if you’ll experience complications or if your baby will be born healthy. While you can take comfort in the fact that most babies are born healthy, you may want to know more details beyond what your OB-GYN can detect. Prenatal testing is used by Dr. Rania Ibrahim to provide this valuable information about your growing baby’s health.

There are two types of prenatal testing:

  • Screening tests. These routine tests are used to identify whether your baby is more at risk for certain conditions, but they are not designed to provide a conclusive diagnosis. Screening for abnormal chromosomes may also be available, and these tests present no risks for either the mother or her baby.
  • Diagnostic tests. If a screening test indicates a potential problem or you’re at risk because of your family’s history, you might consider a more invasive form of prenatal test – the diagnostic test. Some diagnostic tests bring a slight risk of miscarriage, but it’s the only way to be certain of a diagnosis.

Things To Consider

Prenatal testing for abnormalities in the fetus are optional, but it’s important to make an informed decision about it, especially if you’re screening for conditions that can’t be treated.

  • What will you do with the prenatal testing results? Normal results can help to relieve your anxiety, but if the tests indicate that your baby may have a birth defect, you could be faced with difficult decisions, such as whether to continue or abort the pregnancy.
  • Will the information influence your prenatal care? Prenatal testing can discover problems that can be treated during pregnancy or alert your OB-GYN Montgomery County to a condition that will require treatment immediately after birth.
  • How accurate are the results? These screening tests aren’t flawless, and the rate of false-negative and false-positive results varies with each type of test.
  • Are there risks involved? You’ll need to compare the risks of prenatal testing – such as anxiety, pain or even the possibility of a miscarriage – to the value of knowing the results.
  • Is prenatal testing covered by insurance? Insurance coverage for prenatal testing varies so if the test you’re thinking about isn’t covered by your plan, will you be willing and able to cover the cost on your own?

The bottom line is that prenatal testing can provide information that affects your prenatal care and some of the screening tests may bring about the need for difficult personal decisions. But the final decision to undergo prenatal testing is up to you.

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